We deliver the fish right from our fish hauling truck directly into your pond or lake to minimize shock to the fish. On smaller quantities, fish can be transported to your pond or lake in oxygen bags. All triploid grass carp are certified sterilize. They come with a sterilization certificate & need to be delivered to your pond or lake by us a licensed aquaculture supplier, according to state regulations.

Live Bait, Pond Stocking

Realistic Bait LLC

Ordering Stocking Fish



Questions, no problem, we'll be glad to talk to you about your pond or lake.

Smallmouth, Perch, Walleye, Pike & Musky are available in the Fall only. Call for prices.

Pond Stocking Fish

Feeding Minnows

Stocking of feeding minnows in the spring & fall will promote game fish populations to be healthy. These fish will spawn throughout the season to allow for a continuous supply of food for growing game fish. Recommended stocking of 20-40 lbs per acre depending on size of established game fish in pond.

Minnows are sold by the pound $16.00

20 lbs. & over     $13.00 (Within 25 mile delivery range.)     


          Catfish                     4"-6"       $0.50    

                                          6"-8"       $0.75    

                                         8"-10"      $1.25

         Sunfish/Gills              1"-2"       $0.25

                                          2"-4"       $0.65

                                           3"-5"      $1.30

          Largemouth Bass          3"      $1.30

                                            5"-8"     $3.25

                                             1 lb.   $10.50

         Crappie                       3"-4"     $1.30


          Perch                         3"- 5"     $2.40

                                            5"-7"       $4.75

          Walleye                       6"-8"     $5.75

          Smallmouth Bass         3"-4"     $5.95

                                             4"-6"      $6.30

         Triploid Grass Carp    12"-16"   $16.00 each