Triploid Grass Carp

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Realistic Bait LLC

Realistic Bait LLC History

Live Bait, Pond Stocking

Our commitment to providing pond & lake owners a natural solution to unwanted grass & weeds. We offer customized weed control through certified triploid grass carp. A natural way to keep your water habitat in balance.

Spring & Fall Stocking

We offer pond management stocking services. Partner with us to make your pond -- or lake -- something special.

We offer two times during the year to restock your pond or lake, spring & fall. Restocking during these times will produce the best fish populations.

A family- owned and operated business since 2012, Realistic Bait LLC is the second Realistic Business that is operated by the Taylor family. The first was Realistic taxidermy, where for over 25 years we had served the community with award winning taxidermy. We grew up on our local lakes and rivers, and take pride in passing on our fishing passion to our community.


Whether you're looking for an afternoon excursion, a vacation or just spending time on your own lake, we've got the gear and expertise to help you enjoy the great outdoors.